Through research with communities, practitioners, and policy-makers we strive to create transformative, sustainable food systems that:

  • Are socially just
  • Support local economies
  • Are ecologically regenerative
  • Foster citizen engagement

We share our co-generated knowledge through local and global networks.

What we do

We use research partnerships to explore the current and potential role of community food initiatives to act as pillars of regional, sustainable transformation. Our guiding themes for this work are integration, scaling up and innovative governance.

Food: Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged (FLEdGE) Partnership builds on more than five years of evolving research partnerships with over seventy Canadian and International participants.

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Photo of stickies on a table. Stickies say "metrics" and "innovation"

We take a community-based, participatory approach to research. Our research is community-driven. Our practitioner partners provide input into our research scope and questions. (more…)

FLEdGE Partnership Map

FLEdGE: Food, Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged, is a dynamic and growing partnership with research connections across North America and around the world. Kaitlin Kok, a FLEdGE Research Assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University, has created an interactive map to help you to find FLEdGE sustainable food system projects in your area and to see how our network is connected.  Continue reading “FLEdGE Partnership Map”

Community Engagement

We are linked to not-for-profits and private businesses doing sustainable food systems work. We also seek input from government officials. We work throughout the food values web and seek to engage with and support farmers through to consumers in the quest for community-focused, sustainable food systems.

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National Advisory Committee

Our National Advisory Committee (NAC) represents the seven research nodes across Canada. Building from our roots in Ontario north, south and east, the other nodes are centred in the Northwest Territories, Alberta and British Columbia, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

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International Advisory Committee

Our International Advisory Committee (IAC) complements the work of the National Advisory Committee. The IAC includes experts from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Germany, France, Wales, the Netherlands, Italy and South Africa. Three Working Groups explore and develop research related to agro-ecology, territorial food systems and related metrics, and innovative governance.

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