In the fall of 2016, FLEdGE partners from across Canada attended a digital storytelling workshop facilitated by REDLAB. Their short, recorded stories detail the challenges, surprises, and successes of working with food around the world.

Un Mundo Mejor es Posible, A Better world is Possible:
Agroecology in Cuba, a story by Erin Nelson

Sometimes the Best Way to Fix a Broken System is to Build a New One
Changing the food system through the Open Food Network, a story by Theresa Schumalis

Put on Your Fruit Goggles!
Gleaning and Food Recovery, a story by Jennifer Marshman

Corn: Gleaning, learning, and eating
a story by Laine Young

Kakisa Connections
a story by Kaitlin Kok

Young City Growers
a story by Lauren Ames