The Ecology Action Centre provides services to communities through subsidized local food box programs in rural Nova Scotia. The Cost-Share Local Food Box addresses food insecurity while recognizing that food access is a key factor in shaping the programs. Tina Yeonju Oh, a FLEdGE Research Assistant, worked with the Ecology Action Centre to evaluates the approaches to the Cost-Share model that have been implemented in Cumberland County and Cape Breton. Her report also examines other subsidized food box models in Atlantic Canada to compare differences, findings, and operational practices.

Overall, participants in the Cost-Share Local Food Box programs enjoyed the program, indicating that innovative approaches to close the food insecurity gap can be resilient and effective. The Cost-Share Local Food Box programs also contribute to community-building and have high educational value. Despite significant challenges—including stable funding sources—the programs are having significant impact on participants’ quality of life and communities.

Read the full report here: Cost Share CSA Final Report