Resources & Results

The FLEdGE network includes researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and community partners working together to make food systems more sustainable. On this page you will find resources and publications resulting from that collaborative, community-driven work.

Our aim is to create and share useful tools, stories from the field, and research reports from our sustainable food system projects that provide the information we need to make our food systems better. We are committed to making our research results widely available and are working hard to make sure that all of our website materials are accessible.

If you need any of our website materials in a different format, please contact

Farmer Livelihoods

Farmers, harvesters, and fishers are key to making food systems more sustainable. Find out how FLEdGE collaborators are supporting those who grow and harvest our food.



Food and Health

Access to healthy and affordable food results in better health outcomes for everyone. Find out how FLEdGE collaborators are making links between health and sustainable food systems.

Food Access

Everybody has the right to access to good quality, healthy, culturally appropriate food. Find out how FLEdGE collaborators are helping to increase food access for all.

Indigenous Foodways

Indigenous food sovereignty safeguards traditional foodways that rely on the health of the land and intergenerational knowledge. Find out how FLEdGE collaborators support Indigenous food sovereignty through capacity-building, technology, and infrastructure.

Food Policy

We need good food policy that involves cross-cultural collaboration, all levels of government and reflects the needs of people and their communities. Find out how FLEdGE collaborators are working toward good food policy.

Food Connects

Food connects people and communities. Through community-driven research, FLEdGE enables and fosters better food systems in Canada and internationally.

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