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2e colloque international sur les systèmes alimentaires territorialisés : « L’ALIMENT(ATION) : ENTRE TERRITOIRE ET SANTÉ


Le dialogue qu’entretiennent les sciences avec l’aliment et l’alimentation est traditionnellement marqué par une réflexion cloisonnée. Ces réflexions menées en silos « aliment-santé », « territoire-aliment » et « santé-territoire », gagneraient toutefois à être mises en commun et confrontées. Le concept de sécurité alimentaire (posé par l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’Agriculture et l’alimentation (FAO) en 1996), celui de l’alimentation durable (FAO, 2010), puis celui de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle (FAO, 2012), nous y invite en étant transversaux et en englobant notamment les dimensions culturelles, sociales et environnementales du fait alimentaire, tout en soulignant l’importance de promouvoir et protéger la diversité dans l’alimentation, des semences aux modes de production.

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How Toronto’s Community Gardens and Food Centres Can Challenge the Status Quo

By Robert Wayne

It’s time for utopians to get real, a leading American sociologist told 800 academics from around the world in a keynote address to the World Congress of Rural Sociology hosted by Ryerson University last week.

With his unruly hair and beyond-casual clothes, Erik Olin Wright looks the part of the woolly-headed academic. 

But for the past 20 years, he’s used his perch at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to lecture social critics on the need to move from protest to alternatives and work up some “clear-headed and viable alternatives that take seriously the problem of practical design.”

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Conference: Advancing Food Insecurity Research in Canada – November 17-18, 2016

It has been 35 years since the first food bank opened in Canada, 22 years since questions about household food insecurity first appeared on national surveys, and 10 years since we began systematically monitoring this problem in Canada. Over this period, research has been conducted to describe the extent of the problem, who is affected, health and other consequences, and the lived experience of food insecurity. There have also been critical examinations of current responses and policy directions.

This conference will provide an opportunity to share new and emerging research in food insecurity. Conference attendees can expect to learn what is known about the relationship between food insecurity and health, how food insecurity interfaces with social vulnerability, and what the broader social and economic implications of this problem are. For more information

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