Food Counts: A Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card

Available Indicator Data

The Food Counts Report Card combines a food sovereignty framework with a sustainable food systems lens to inform the indicator selection process. A total of 61 indicators are included in the following 6 categories:

  1. Focuses on Food for People
  2. Values Food Providers
  3. Works with Nature
  4. Localizes Food Systems and Puts Control Locally
  5. Builds Knowledge and Skills
  6. Food is Sacred

For those indicators which we were able to extract historical data, we evaluate that data in this report card by noting simply if the trend shows a positive or negative change with respect to food sovereignty goals. We depict these trends by indicating if they are “getting better,” “getting worse,” suggest “mixed” findings, or are “one point in time” data. In all cases, the data represents the most recent time point in which the information was available at a national level. It is important to note that the availability of recent data varied depending on the data source.

For more information on indicator selection criteria, the food sovereignty framework, and other methodological choices, please see Section 2: Methodology.

Please note: we are in the process of adding indicator data to each of these sections and appreciate your patience while we add content to the site. 

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