Policy at all levels needs to be contextual and rooted in place based knowledge and experience to support sustainable food systems. We work across sectors and levels of government to support and create food policies that move towards the future we want. We’ve learned about a range of policy initiatives, from local to international, that aim to shift thinking and priorities in promising ways.
  • We have contributed briefing notes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals consultations.
  • Our team was invited to present a panel on Building Resilient Food Systems at the ICLEI World Congress 2018, helping to shift the discussion of urban resilience to include food systems.
  • Several of our researchers were invited to participate in the National Food Summit in 2017 and testify before the Standing Committee on Agriculture to contribute to A Food Policy for Canada.
  • Many have contributed to municipal and regional policy development including facilitating the work on the Yellowknife Food Charter.
  • Our team co-wrote a book about how sustainable food systems nourish communities.
  • In northwestern Ontario researchers participated in a project to develop a regional food charter.