Given there are 30% fewer farms in Canada than in 1961 and the average age of farmers is 55, we need to think not only about how to make farming more viable for existing farmers but also more attractive as a career for prospective entrants. Our research provides some directions forward.

  • Our research into new farmer training across North America identified opportunities to expand internships, farmer-to-farmer and formal training and self-directed learning – all important steps for growing the sector.
  • In Nova Scotia, FarmWorks, a Community Economic Development Initiative Fund is rebuilding the local food sector one farm and business at a time, by leveraging more the $1.7 million in common shares supporting $8 million in annual gross business revenues and provide a fair return to investors.
  • Our Pan-Canadian report card Food Counts, gives the lay of the land and provides benchmarks and points to gaps in what we know about sustainable food systems across Canada. It helps us understand what we are doing now and how we can do better.