Community Engagement

We are linked to not-for-profits and private businesses doing sustainable food systems work. We also seek input from government officials. We work throughout the food values web and seek to engage with and support farmers through to consumers in the quest for community-focused, sustainable food systems.

Community Partners


100 Km Foods Logo
100 Km Foods Inc.
BC Food Systems Network+logo
BC Food Systems Network
Canadian Organic Growers logo
Canadian Organic Growers
Cloverbelt Local Food Coop logo
Cloverbelt Local Food Coop
Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network logo
Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network/ Réseau agroalimentaire de l’Est de l’Ontario


Eat Local Sudbury logo
Eat Local Sudbury
Ecological Farmers of Ontario logo
Ecological Farmers of Ontario
Ecology Action Centre logo
Ecology Action Centre
Edmonton Northlands+logo
Edmonton Northlands
Everdale Organic Farm & Environmental Learning Centre logo
Everdale Organic Farm & Environmental Learning Centre
FarmStart logo
FarmWorks logo
Food Innovation Northwestern Ontario logo
Food Innovation
Food Secure Canada logo
Food Secure Canada
Food Security Research Network+logo
Food Security Research Network
Food Share+logo
Food Share
The Garden Party+logo
The Garden Party
Guelph-Wellington Food Round Table+logo
Guelph-Wellington Food Round Table
Harvest Hastings+logo
Harvest Hastings
Huron-Perth Farm To Table+logo
Huron-Perth Farm To Table
Just Food Ottawa+logo
Just Food Ottawa
Lanark Local Flavour+Logo
Lanark Local Flavour
Land Food People Foundation+logo
Land Food People Foundation
Local Organic Food Co-ops+logo
Local Organic Food Co-ops
National Farmers Union- Ontario+logo
National Farmers Union- Ontario
Northumberland County+logo
Northumberland County
Northwestern Health Unit+logo
Northwestern Health Unit
Northwest Training and Adjustment Board+logo
Northwest Training and Adjustment Board
Ontario Natural Food Co-op+logo
Ontario Natural Food Co-op
Peterborough County-City Health Unit+logo
Peterborough County-City Health Unit
Pfenning's Organic Farm+logo
Pfenning’s Organic Farm
Participatory Action Research, Planning and Evaluation+logo
Participatory Action Research, Planning and Evaluation


Project SOIL
Project SOIL
Sahtu Renewable Resources Board logo
Sahtu Renewable Resources Board


Seeds of Diversity+logo
Seeds of Diversity
Sustain Ontario+logo
Sustain Ontario
Thunderbay District Health Unit+logo
Thunderbay District Health Unit
Toronto Food Policy Council+logo
Toronto Food Policy Council
Toronto Public Health+logo
Toronto Public Health
Transition Guelph+logo
Transition Guelph
True North Co-op+logo
True North Co-op
Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable logo
Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable
Young City Growers+logo
Young City Growers