Andrew Spring

PhD Candidate, Wilfrid Laurier University, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

Andrew Spring has a diverse background in sustainability and the environment.  Trained as an environmental engineer, his expertise is creating innovative programs to engage communities in sustainable planning or environmental conservation.

Andrew has developed award-winning programs in waste management and sustainable tourism as well as led regional initiatives in local food, conservation planning and ecotourism. He has a strong track record in working with a broad range of stakeholder groups, from government to businesses and NGOs, to develop and deliver these programs on local, regional and national scales. Andrew is currently a PhD student at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and conducts research focused on food security in Canada’s Northwest Territories. His work explores the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of food security and food sovereignty, climate change and pressures exerted on country food and traditional economic activity in Aboriginal communities. Through this work he fosters a robust network of communities, NGOs, and government agencies to address food security throughout the region.