Led by Laurette Dubé & Nii Addy, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

Through comparison with projects in Ontario, the Quebec node will explore the factors that are driving community food initiatives to engage in cross-sector partnerships, and to determine what flows through partnerships to bring about desired transformation, given factors such as (i) which sectors are represented in partnership networks (other community, government, business), (ii) entry-points of initiatives (school-based programs, hospital-based programs, business health-sensitive practices, agri-food environment), and (iii) target population and processes (farmers’ market; mobile vending to low-income, youth, multiple types of clientele with sliding price scales, etc.).

Some of the specific research questions include: What are the processes through which local community interventions spread in stakeholders population? Can we identify high leverage interventions to improve success? 
How can knowledge from community food initiatives research inform decision- makers for governance of partnerships, across community, business and government, from local through policy levels to bring about desired transformation?

Node Leads

Photo of Laurette DubeLaurette Dubé
Professor Marketing; James McGill Chair of Consumer and Lifestyle Psychology & Marketing
Chair and Scientific Director; McGill Centre for the Convergence for Health & Economics
McGill University


Photo of Nii AddyNii A. Addy
Assistant Professor (Research, non-tenure track)
McGill University