Eastern Ontario

Led by Peter Andree and Trish Ballamingie with Irena Knezevic, Carleton University

Based on continued meetings with community partners, the eastern Ontario node has begun to prioritize their research questions and to consider knowledge mobilization opportunities to share existing community-driven research.

Most of the research questions that have been identified as priority revolve around the theme of governance. The first one is around the national food policy, how that is developing under the new federal government and what discourses are privileged. Another research theme centres on rural resilience and sustainability and the implications of various agricultural approaches adopted specifically by farmers in Eastern Ontario. Our community partner Hastings County is a potential case study to explore how the next generation of farmers experience these options and how farm succession is affected. There is a possibility to compare Hastings County with Western Quebec as a Masters project.

Node Leads

Photo of Peter AndreePeter Andree
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Carleton University


photo of TrIsh BallamingiePatricia Ballamingie
Associate Professor
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Carleton University