Square wicker basket filled with mixed vegetables and electronics, with a head of cabbage wearing headphones in the centre of the basket.

FLEdGE Digital Stories

Now in our Resources and Results section!

In the fall of 2016, FLEdGE partners from across Canada attended a digital storytelling workshop facilitated by REDLAB. Their short, recorded stories detail the challenges, surprises, and successes of working with food around the world.

You can now find four stories created by FLEdGE associates Erin Nelson, Theresa Schumilas, Jennifer Marshman, and Laine Young, in the Resources and Results section of the FLEdGE website. Together, these stories provide a rich snapshot of some of important work happening through the FLEdGE research partnership and provide personal accounts of the impacts of sustainable food systems research on students, researchers, communities, and food systems.

You can watch their stories here: FLEdGE Digital Stories