Wellington Water Watchers: The important work of citizen groundwater advocacy

It’s World Water Day, and organizations from all over the world are celebrating water as a fundamental human right. In Southern Ontario, Wellington Water Watchers, a non-profit volunteer organization, has been educating the public about water issues, engaging in constructive water policy discussions, and advocating for public water interests since 2007.

Wellington Water Watchers’ philosophy has three pillars: to educate, advocate, and celebrate. In support of those pillars, Wellington Water Watchers engages in a range of community initiatives that employ the precautionary principle, foreground preservation, value constructive engagement, and promote tap water. They also act as a groundwater watchdog, holding corporations and governments to account for unnecessary groundwater extraction. You can find out more about the Wellington Water Watchers “Water for Life Not Profit” initiative here.

So, on a day devoted to celebrating water internationally, we’d like to celebrate those that volunteer their time to advocate for the water where we live. Happy World Water Day!