Belongings. The Fight for Land and Food by Sally Miller

Coming this Fall 2006 from Fernwood Publishing.

Belongings argues that the food crisis is at heart a land crisis. The commodification of land has resulted in hunger for many and the concentration of wealth, power and property in the hands of a few. It explores the core principles of private property both as a cultural product and economic precept. Miller applies the analysis of land use and relations usually reserved for the ethnography of others to our own situation, drawing on the immediacy of stories from farms, First Nations, public land, houses and our own backyards.

To see our land as a cultural product, rather than an inevitable step in complex economies, is to start to unravel the power that private property regimes hold over our thought and actions. Belongings describes and celebrates the resistance to the commodification of land, and also the alternatives that have been established and thrive in Canada and abroad. It explores the possibilities for new relations to land and property, and includes extensive interviews with farmers, planners and others about land and land use. Effective food activism demands a new relation to land: to how we grow and access food, and to the foodlands that provide that food.

Sally Miller has worked in sustainable food and agriculture for over twenty years both in Canada and in the United States. She is the author of Edible Action.

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