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Changing Through Food

Moving the Food Movement: Introducing Open Food Network Canada. By Theresa Schumilas

Sometimes the best way to fix a system is to build a new one. 

That’s what is happening as small scale ecological farms and food artisans in Ontario swap their pitch forks for keyboards and smart phones to help launch and test a new on-line platform that promises to “move the food movement” around the world.

Open Food Network Canada (OFN-CAN) is a newly registered not-for-profit organization that is leveling the technology playing field and empowering small scale producers, artisans and food hubs to ‘get on-line’ with a new open source platform.  The Open Food Network (OFN) acts as a directory, advertising space, online marketplace and tool for sharing information and resources about sustainable food systems. The OFN platform is layered – like an onion. You can start simple and ‘grow’ into the more powerful features.

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FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited. By Dr. Alison Blay-Palmer

FarmWorks Investment Co-Operative Limited in Nova Scotia is bringing leadership through innovation to the Canadian food system. By integrating Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF)[1] opportunities to support emerging and existing food system entrepreneurs, FarmWorks is re-establishing and connecting the pieces needed for a more localized Nova Scotia food system. To date, FarmWorks has raised over $1.4 million in investment capital from 312 Shareholders and has used this money to support 56 food related businesses across the province.

Through CEDIFs in Nova Scotia investors are eligible for provincial tax credits of 35% for 5 years, 20% for an additional 5 years, and 10% for 5 years. PEI (35%), Manitoba (45% on investments of up to $60,000), and New Brunswick (50% credit for investments up to $125,000 per year) have also launched their own versions of the CEDIF initiative.

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