2016 Foods Systems Workshop. Teaching About Food Systems: Creating a Community of Practice

Workshop Background and Overview

Many educators are working at universities on Food Systems curricula and courses. If you teach or want to teach about food systems using cross-disciplinary systems thinking at the graduate or undergraduate level, come join us as we develop a community of practice!

On July 26-27 we will gather for a full day of panels and presentations on existing work and lessons learned and a second day of active curriculum development.

The primary purposes of the event will be to 1) create a community of practice of people working on developing and implementing curricula in food systems courses; 2) review and develop materials using systems thinking frameworks in teaching about food systems, and 3) share or develop assessment tools on student learning in systems thinking.

We hope to also share methods for interdisciplinary exploration of complex, interacting elements in food systems that include but are not limited to agriculture (agronomy), anthropology, biology, ecology, economics, environmental science, human geography, medicine, nutrition, public health and sociology. For more information….