Agri-Chains and Sustainable Developement Conference (AS&SD 2016) in Montpellier, France. December 12-14, 2016.

This session will deal with “City driven food chains and sustainable developement”
We would be pleased to welcome you in Montpellier to participate to our session and we invite you to submit an abstract before the 7th of August. Non-academic presenters are also encouraged to participate.

City driven food systems and sustainable developement

Food systems worldwide are undergoing dramatic changes. Cities play a major role in the transformation of food systems; urban innovators and processes such as urban policies, changing consumption patterns, and new channels of commercialization impact local, regional and national food systems and question the role played by cities in the sustainable development of territories they are connected to. Cities are generally cited as generators of problems and of unsustainable practices and processes. But urban drivers may also be levers for sustainable development, as some innovations in terms of marketing and production suggest. This session aims at exploring the consequences of urban driven changes in food systems and identify how cities foment or constraint sustainable development practices. The session intends to explore these issues on different continents, particularly from the global South, by focusing particularly on the way urban policies and new food habits drive changes in production/distribution patterns and how the management of urban wastes by local actors can be a resource for the building of sustainable food systems. Some questions the session is going to deal with are: Are new consumption patterns generators of exclusion/inclusion among food producers and retailers? Are the development of supermarket in the global South “sustainability friendly”? How urban health concerns can be a lever for the sustainable development of periurban territories? Is the management of food waste a way to promote sustainable food systems at the territorial scale? A particular attention will be given to actors’ practices and the way they adapt to urban transformations.

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Agri-Chains & Sustainable Development